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( including consultation and aftercare)

A deeply relaxing treatment that will help your body naturally heal itself!
This gentle but powerful foot or hand massage will help rebalance physical and emotional stresses.
From aches and pains to digestive issues to bad migraines reflexology will help aid relief whilst flushing out unwanted toxins.
Suitable for all ages, reflexology will help increase energy flow, boost the immune system and create a stronger body and calmer mind.

What is Reflexology?

Similar to Acupuncture, Reflexology (also known as ‘Zone Therapy’)is the treatment of various conditions in the body through massaging ‘specific areas’ of the feet and hands. So for example, a migraine can be eased without the need to touch the head.

Benefits of Reflexology:

  • Relieve joint pain and muscle stiffness
  • Aids asthma, headaches, migraine
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Reduces stress and anxiety, hypertension, depression
  • Aids gastritis and other digestive issues
  • Increases blood circulation

RB Reflexology Treatments 

Our treatments are specific to the individuals needs. 

During the treatment the practitioner will apply gentle pressure using a variety of thumb, finger and hand techniques to specific zones on the feet or hands that relate to the corresponding parts of the body. This therapeutic action will increase blood flow to that area and stimulate the healing process.

This alternative holistic treatment is applied using powder rather oils and lotions.

At the end of the treatment you will be offered a glass of water to help flush out the toxins released into the blood stream. The practitioner will also discuss any aftercare necessary that should follow the treatment.

Please note:

Prior to treatment commencing you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire; the practitioner will then discuss this with you as part of your pre treatment consultation. 

NB Specific medical conditions restrict reflexology treatments being administered. Should this be the case a full refund may be given at the discretion of Raw Balance.


Express 20 mins – £15     45 mins – £25 

Therapist:  Lynda Harkus

We take Self referrals. To book an appointment or a consultation call Raw Balance: 07875 147090 

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