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Wellness Coaching

Personal Health Coaching

For those of you looking to make the commitment to a healthier happier future I offer personal health coaching sessions that will help focus your mind and provide you with a level of support you require to achieve those goals. Coaching sessions can be through Skype, over the phone or face to face, whichever works best for you.

Personal Support  & Guidance

Living in today’s world most of us are very much aware that we should do a bit more healthy eating and be a bit more active than we are, but the simple truth is, we dont ! Life gets in the way. Were all guilty of mindless eating and finding excuses as why we just cant fit any meaningful exercise in today !  Sometimes a little bit of support and guidance is all we need to help start us on our journey to improved health.

We are all unique and therefore my sessions with you will be bespoke and tailored to meet your individual needs.

How I work:

I use a variety of scientific and psychological techniques that will provide you with the necessary tools and support you require. 

One to One Sessions: 60 mins 

I will work with you for a full hour, during this time  we will discover the root causes that have prevented you achieving your goals in the past, we will set new goals that are achievable and draw up a plan of action that will enable you to successfully achieve your goals. 

You can book as many sessions you feel you may need sometimes one is enough ! 

Areas we can cover:

  • Discovering the root causes preventing you achieving your goal
  • Tackling root cause  
  • Setting new goals
  • Food diaries /analysis of
  • Weekly food plans
  • Record weight levels/ body measurements
  • Set / review weekly/ monthly goals
  • Current / future Activity levels
  • Introduction to Personal Trainer  
  • Psychological tools to use 
  • Skype support 


Initial Consultation £75 (1hr) 

( includes a detox juice cocktail /herbal tea)

Follow up coaching sessions:

30 mins (allow 45 mins)  £30

Contact: Lynda

Nutrition & Wellness Coach 

Call: 07875147090

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