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One to One Nutrition Coaching

In today’s world most of us are very aware of what we should or should not eat and drink however we still battle with our self discipline and need a little support. Raw Balance Personal Nutritional Coaching is all about offering that much needed support.

Nutrition Coaching | Personal One to One sessions

We work with our clients to offer nutrition coaching on a personal level and with strict confidence.

We will help you discover the root cause of the problem and offer you nutritional guidance and support in achieving your personal goals whether it’s to increase your energy levels, loose weight, eliminate bloated stomach or to simply live a healthier lifestyle. 

Our Coaching sessions are tailor made to support your needs and will draw from key areas mentioned below:

  • Root causes preventing you from reaching your nutritional goals
  • Tackling root causes ‘head on’ 
  • Guidance for food menus
  • Setting and reviewing weekly/ monthly goals and targets
  • Recording weight levels and measurements
  • Keeping a Food diary
  • Analysis of Food Diary  
  • Current Activity levels
  • Personal Introduction to a Personal Trainer (if requested)

Personal coaching can be face to face, skype or over the phone, whichever works best for you although we do recommend the initial coaching session is face to face.


Initial Consultation 1hr £55

(includes a free juice detox cocktail /herbal tea)

Follow up coaching sessions 30mins( allow 45mins)  £25

( Double ‘ follow up’ sessions can be booked in advance £45)

Contact: Lynda

Nutrition & Wellness therapist 

To book a consultation please call: 07875147090

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