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Embrace healthy eating!


360 Lifestyle Changing Course

This is a 360 degree life changing course that will support those seriously looking to commit to a permanent lifestyle change. No more dieting. No more yo-yo weight issues.

This 6 session course will help increase energy levels, find optimum weight levels, balance internal systems and improve overall well being.    

Focus is very much on bringing your body’s systems back into balance and then sustaining this balance through healthy eating. 

With personal support from your Raw Balance specialist, you will feel empowered to take back control and enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Course includes:

  • 1 hour personal nutritional coaching sessions tailored to your needs 
  • Keeping a Food journal (discussion & support) 
  • Recordered weigh in’s/waist measurements
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar checks  
  • The concept of fasting
  • Developing personal menu plans 
  • 2 holistic Massage treatments of your choice
  • Gift voucher £30  (partner/ friend only )
  • Free Introduction to a personal trainer 
  • Access to Raw Balance nutritional reciepes 

By the end of the course you will see a significant difference in your weight as well as your recorded body measurements. You will also be armed with new knowledge and understanding of eating well long term, and feel empowered to confidently make informed and mindful decisions regarding the food you buy, prepare and eat to sustain a happy healthy lifestyle. 

Prior to starting this plan you will need to complete a health questionnaire which can be emailed to you in advance.

Any medical issues preventing you from following this plan will be discussed in confidence during the consultation.

Price £295

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