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Holistic Therapy Courses

Passionate about building a healthier lifestyle!


Taster Course

This holistic therapy taster course is ideally suited to those who feel their work/life is out of balance. This course is tailor-made to give you the opportunity to analyse your current lifestyle and pin point where and how you can make significant changes. 

The course is divided into 3 x 60min personal nutritional coaching sessions that will cover three key areas of your life:

  • Your Nutrition
  • Your Activity level
  • Your Mental/ emotional strength

Two sessions are dedicated to each key area.

nutrition courses

Nutrition- will involve an analysis of a 2 week food diary prior to starting the course, your energy levels and sleep patterns and any dietary issues you may have that need to be considered. Support will be given in drawing up food plans that will meet your daily nutritional requirements. Regular weigh in’s will also motivate you as you start to see positive results.     

Activity – will require you to look at your daily activity levels, with our support decide whether they really match your lifestyle or whether changes need to be made and how best to achieve those changes.

Mental / emotional state– we will look closely at the time you set aside to enjoy your life and socialise with friends and family. Where necessary we will support you in making changes that will help bring a greater work/life balance 

This course is an excellent lead into our Raw Balance Lifestyle Change Course

Price £125

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