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Discovery Sessions and Personal Training

The Raw Balance Active Programme

The key to working towards and sustaining a healthier, happier longer life is based on eating a nutritious and balanced diet (60%) and being active (30%). Being active is essential to maintaining a healthy body as it strengthens your muscles and improves cardiovascular health.

At Raw Balance, we actively promote positive lifestyle changes that incorporate some form of daily exercise. This could be walking at a quick pace, jogging, swimming, or using weights while you work out.

Exercise can be very empowering for people of any age, shape or size.

As little as two to three 30 minute walks per week will benefit someone who leads quite a sedentary lifestyle.

If you are looking to lose weight and/ or improve muscle tone, we recommend following workout that balances cardio with resistance. This concept both helps to maintain a healthy weight and can also help you to sustain your desired level of weight more permanently.

For those of you looking to seek a big change in your muscle tone, we can recommend training plans that include 2-4 cardio sessions (varied intensities) and 3 resistance circuit training sessions per week.

Active Programme: Discovery sessions

Why not sign up for our 1: 1 discovery sessions, they’re an ideal way to assess whether your current activity levels are high enough to maintain a healthy body later in life.

You can also find out whether you are eating the correct balance of macro and micro nutrients to nourish your body’s internal systems.

Active Programme: Personal Trainer introductions

When you sign up for an Active Programme Discovery Session you will also be offered a complimentary 30 minute introduction to a Personal Trainer. Working with a personal trainer will enable you to achieve your goals faster and sustain them, whether your goals are to achieve overall body fitness or to improve muscle tone. Your Personal Trainer will draw up a personal activity plan specific to your needs and goals.

The Discovery session is complimentary for those signing up for any of the nutritional courses.

1 Hour Discovery Session:  £55 

Contact: Lynda

Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Call: 07875 147090

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My main goal was to be able to enjoy a pain free walk with the grandchildren… working with Lynda ..I lost 2 stone in weight…increased my core stability …I can now walk pain free for about 30 mins most days.

George Cleadon, SR6 I